shockingly, kids are sick and tired of paying hundreds of dollars for overpriced stacks of paper!!!!!! who wouldve thought!!!!!!

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Pop punk bands saying "friends"
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Pop punk bands saying “friends”


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@MagdaEh So proud to be a part of @NOH8Campaign Here’s a behind photo, the real photo coming soon!! A cause worth loving for!

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mythology meme:  [1/8] myths, legends, and stories

↳ ‘koit ja hämarik’ (‘dawn and dusk’)

Considered one of the most beautiful Estonian myths of popular origin, ‘Koit ja Hämarik’ is a fabricated myth by F. R. Faehlmann, first published in 1840. It has since become a beloved folk tale in Estonia.

Dusk is the female spirit responsible for extinguishing the light of the Sun when the night comes, and Dawn is her male counterpart responsible for re-lighting the Sun in the morning. Although they only met once a day so Dusk could hand over the Sun to Dawn, the two fell deeply in love. The Grandfather saw this and offered to let them marry, but the couple declined the offer and asked to remain unwed, because that way their love would remain forever bright and new. The Grandfather blessed their decision and the two only meet for a longer time during the four weeks around summer solstice, when the flowers bloom at their most beautiful and the nightingales sing most sweetly. 

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the odds are never in our favor 
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hawkguy mugs!! (( aw coffee /  H ))

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"My favorite actor is my dad. I look up to him in every way; he helps me with all of my auditions, he supported me my entire life growing up."

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